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Razzmatazz Wedding is one of the best-known as well as a leading wedding planning firm in Thane.

Being marriage planners, we offer professional advice to guide you through the demanding task of planning your own wedding. We strive to create a wedding that reflects your personality, style and taste within the boundaries of a budget. With so many components to a wedding, we know that you need a team of experienced wedding planners whether the event is big or small. And so, we are a team of trained wedding planners which will help you with your wedding planning process. Right from creating your overall wedding style to designing your floral designs and décor. We take care of it all!

Apart from weddings, we have a separate team of professionals to work and bank upon the ideas and concepts for other events such as Corporate Events, Theme Parties, Product Launches and many more.

We understand the emotions hidden in any event of our client and so we serve what we commit in any circumstances as our motto is CLIENT SATISFACTION.

Our Team

The heart of Razzmatazz Weddingz & Event deceits in its enthusiastic team. It has the crème of administration, a devoted team of hand-picked professionals and skilled manpower working for it. The crew works with utmost assurance, rejoicing desire in making every wedding an affair to remember!

The firm’s key managing members are:

Manish Mundra,
Founder and Managing Director, Razzmatazz
Manish brought to life an astounding idea that transformed into a successful business venture. In 1995, he curated Thane’s premier brand of wedding decor-Razzmatazz Weddingz. Pursuing a simple course of education in his native place, Manish always had a strong desire of making big in life. Artistic in his thoughts and determined by nature, he started paving a profession for himself. This genius had a fixed belief in his vision and has proved his spirit to the people as Founder of Razzmatazz Weddingz. With his tenacious efforts and desire to form an extraordinary brand, he fetched a new edge to the wedding décor in the Thane city.
Navneeta Mundra,
Director and Creative Head, Razzmatazz
From a small-town girl, to a creative business woman, Mrs. Navneeta Mundra is a gifted Décor Stylist today. She defines her career as tremendously exciting with no set formulas, but at the same time tentative and interesting. She believes business is about novelty, there are plenty of product ideas to be emerged. Thinking of rebuilding a crafty wall, a cosy corner, grandma’s walkway or totalling a blaze to bridal shower, a high-tea get together or just anything crazily different, she can shape up your thoughts into eternal moments. An expert in design perceptions, she has a strong hatred for ordinary. Her imaginative energies are broadly applied for everything that requires design sensibilities at Razzmatazz Weddingz. After helping in building the brand Razzmatazz Weddingz along with her husband, Navneeta has imprinted a niche in the creative industry with her own inventive ideas.
Dilip Chouhan,
Administrator, Razzmatazz
Administrators are crucial to effective and efficient day-to-day operations of any company. Those working in this position will usually be responsible for supporting their organisation in a variety of ways including taking enquiries, bookkeeping, communications, scheduling, data entry, secretarial services, vendor management and much more etc. and so Dilip does posses the above skills which turns into implementation too for Razzmatazz clients.
Event Managers, Razzmatazz

We have a dedicated team of event managers to whom we assign tasks who execute the wedding events, precisely to the vision of yours.

Art Directors, Razzmatazz

We work with numerous Art Directors to produce new fresh designs and later execute it and finally project it on the wedding day itself.