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Finally a Feel
Wedding decorations must be elegant and classy to grab the attention of your guests and to beautify the event in a better way. We provide you with the best light decoration for wedding of every kind. We've set out to make lighting as simple as possible. Lighting brings events to life and helps showcase and minimize elements and features that you like in a space or don't like in a space.
Types of Lighting
Up Lights / Cherry Lights
You can use up lighting for accent lighting (perhaps maybe just lighting up an area of a room, or pillars, or the head table, etc), or you can spread many of them out all over your venue and create a wash of colour. There are two types of lights used to create the up-lighting effect: Traditional par cans and LED lights. LED lights are strongly recommended because they use much less power and stay cool all night.
String / Rope Lighting
Run several long strings of little LED light bulbs together to create a magical effect. Works great for tent lighting, lighting around tables, pillars, basically anything you can wrap strings of lights around.
Pin Spot
A pin spot is a more focused beam of light. These are designed to shine directly onto an object. Pin spots are most commonly used at weddings to highlight table centrepieces, cakes and other focal points of the decor.
Bliss Light
The Bliss light creates 1000′s of pinpoints of light that look like stars that slowly move towards and away from each other creating a slow moving starfield effect.

This light has a very large coverage area of over 50ft x 50ft making it a great value in terms of overall coverage. Behind the stars the light produces a blue/purple “nebula/cloud” effect that slowly moves creating a captivating 3-D effect making the ceiling feel taller. It’s a great light to use throughout the evening to dance under the stars or to create a fairy tale wedding effect. The Bliss light is excellent to use with low ceilings. The optics create a large coverage area without having the light to be far away from the surface the Bliss light is projecting on.

The light also works well on white drape, walls, floors, and anywhere that you need a very large, dynamic lighting effect.
Texture Lighting
Texture lights project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, dance floors, stages, etc to create depth, contrast and interest. Patterns can be matched to your events design choices to provide a fully immersive look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together.

There are hundreds of stock patterns that can be used ranging from simple to ornate to abstract. Custom designs can also be made from decor elements.
Monogram Lighting
Monogram lighting is a form of gobo lighting. We'll work together to come up with a design and have it created into a template called a gobo that we mount into a light.

We can project the monogram anywhere you would like in the room. Popular locations include the dancefloor, prominent walls in the space, behind the head table, or at the entrance into the room or on the outside of the venue.